Ever since I can remember I have acne scars on my cheeks, souvenirs from my teenage years. I have tried every herbal remedy and facial mask out there. I have been told that monthly facials would help fade the marks overtime and other people have seen miraculous results (can’t say the same for myself). So as time went on I perfected my makeup routine: foundation, setting powder, eyeliner, and mascara. I have always envied those “natural beauty” girls who always look flawless while I slather on makeup to go to the grocery store.

I know it’s my own problem. But I hate my scars. I have a serious complex. I avoid looking in mirrors and at pictures. My cousins make fun of me for using a heat lamp light to do my makeup. Long story short, I decided to sign up for microneedling.


  • Ask for shots or numbing cream before the procedure
  • Ask for any samples of aftermath cream: wound healing, b5 drops, etc.
  • Put on sunscreen every two hours while in the sun
  • Do not help peel off the skin. If it’s too hard to cover via makeup then cut off with tiny little scissors
  • Don’t put really hot water on your face as that will dilate your pores
  • Find someone who has experience with colored skin
  • Try to set up your first appointment during a 3 day weekend
  • No harsh face washes

On average people generally need an average of 6 appointments, so ask your doctor if they will offer any bundle deals. I have read that microneedling is less likely to cause hyperpigmentation on patients than laser resurfacing. So far it’s going well for me. Stay tuned for pictures!


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