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I’ve been doing my best to stay on this whole Ketogenic diet. But events come up and it’s hard not to eat carbs. My friend told me about this product that lets you cheat, but slip back into ketosis within an hour. I tried to comprehend the science behind but couldn’t. Either way I ordered a 15 day supply for $80.00.

So far I have managed to drink 2 of the citrus flavored mixes. The drink actually tastes like stomach acid. I asked my boyfriend to try a sip and he literally almost threw up. I am not sure yet if the drink works but it sure does feel like punishment.

Also, they offer free coaching on the phone. Of course I signed up. I love free things. I quickly learned that I was listening to a recording. I asked them to send over the emails that they send following the call explaining their product and the ketogenic diet. If you want  it, I will be happy to send it to you!


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