Day 3 April 13th

10:00AM- As am I decreasing the Lexapro, I can really feel the Wellbutrin kicking in; energy is plentiful. As the day went on feelings of self-doubt crept into my mind. Starting to think about if people like me or just tolerate me. I am telling myself these thought are not real

4:00PM- My brain keeps telling me reasons why I am a loser. I count the minutes to leave work. My chest is pounding. I hope it will pass

9:30PM Energy is low, in bed already. More bad thoughts come my way. My boyfriend helps put me at ease but then I start thinking that he should go find a happier person. My stomach is growling so I make myself some food and try to fall asleep.

Lexapro ā€“ 5mg
Wellbutrin ā€“ 150mg


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